e.biss System at DESY

Telefon HOTLINE: 5050 (during the core time)
Changes Catalog - Software (Jan. 2015) (DESY/Win-Login erforderlich / required)
application/pdf First Steps (1.2 MB)
new Catalog Software - that's new
SIMENO-Katalogumstellung - ab 15. Januar 2015

For a correct presentation of the e.biss we recommend the use of the browser Mozilla / Firefox!

Passwort /Password - Login
EBISS- Contact Persons

General Questions or Problems Department: V4

E-Mail: ebiss@desy.de
Telephone Hotline: 5050

User Administration and Setup Department: VQ-DV

e.g. new password, new address, new allocation
E-Mail: vdv-ebiss@desy.de
Telephone: 4157

Account Allocation and questions regarding the "Verwendungszweck" Department: V3

Hamburg - Phone 3523, 3656 or 2618
Zeuthen - Phone. 7281 or 7228

If you are missing cost centers and PSP-elements, please contact :

Phone 3482 or 4187
E-Mail: v3-kore@desy.de

Entitlement to approve shopping carts (Genehmigung/500 Euro)
Contact Persons in Purchasing
text/html Ansprechpartner in der Warenwirtschaft (german only) (20KB)
DESY-Ansprechpartner in der Warenwirtschaft
application/pdf e.biss Handbook (8.1 MB)
user manual
This manual will answer open questions about the e.biss system. The Update in Jan. 2015 is not included yet.
Handout (DESY/Win-Login required)
Warengruppenzuordnung beim DESY