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Information on eVergabe

Information on eVergabe for interested companies

Material Management

Information on eVergabe for interested companies

Electronic tendering

DESY uses the tendering manager service provided by Staatsanzeiger für Baden-Württemberg GmBH & Co. KG for the tendering of all supplies. From suppliers and services to construction works, we offer public tendering for all requirements using the Staatsanzeiger BW tendering platform.


We advise registering in advance as a potential company for our public tenders.


Our needs are growing due to the construction of the Science City and the development of our research at the DESY premises. Benefit from our continually increasing requirements by registering on tender24. Once you have registered, we can actively involve you in future tendering procedures.


General information on eVergabe and training and information provided by the Staatsanzeiger (Official Gazette) can be found at the links below.

Supplementary sheet

on Frequent errors made by participants in tendering procedures

PQ - Prequalification

As a company, your eligibility for public contracts can by verified by a prequalification body (prequalification process). Prequalification will negate the need to provide evidence in future tendering procedures. Please find the relevant prequalification bodies at the following links: 

Official list of pre-qualified companies for the supply and service sector

English version on website